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In the heart of Vancouver, a voice rings out, a melody of hope and faith that echoes through the city streets.


Meet Lola Farinu, a singer-songwriter whose songs reverberate with the transformative message of Jesus Christ. She turns her personal journey of salvation into an orchestration of worship, a testament to the healing power of faith.


Born with a deep connection to her faith, Lola started writing songs at a young age, driven by a divine calling. Her music is a conduit to share word-based songs that heal hearts, strengthen faith, and bring people closer to Jesus. Lola’s music isn’t just about creativity, but a mission, a vivid reminder that without the saving grace of Jesus, her life could have been a tragedy instead of a testimony.


An integral part of her local church community, Lola uses her gift of song to enrich the worship experience. She sees her service in God’s Kingdom as a privilege and a joy.


Lola’s path was illuminated by visions, dreams, and divine confirmations that reassured her of her calling. Despite periods of doubt and discouragement, she remains committed to using her voice to uplift the message of Jesus Christ, and to share the gospel through her music.


A pianist from the age of three, Lola’s journey evolved from formal piano lessons to spontaneous late-night songwriting sessions. Her love for singing and songwriting always found a home in the church, leading worship teams for over a decade. In 2020, Lola touched many hearts with her single “Forever”, followed by her debut album, “My Righteous Walk” in 2021, which continues to resonate with and bless many with its message. Currently, she’s crafting an EP, ‘Little Songs from the Heart’, which she describes as a modern retelling of the psalms.


Despite facing personal and professional trials, including financial hardships and limited support in Vancouver’s Christian music scene, Lola holds fast to her faith in Jesus, believing He guides her through every challenge.


Lola’s musical influences range from the soulful Cece Winans, the transformative Michael W. Smith, the heartfelt Natalie Grant, to the dynamic Elevation Worship. However, her greatest inspiration comes not from individual artists, but from her supportive church community and family. They’ve been a constant source of encouragement, helping her stay true to her calling even amidst trials.


Lola Farinu is more than an artist; she’s a beacon of hope, a musical ambassador for Jesus Christ, and a testament to the power of faith. Her life’s ambition is to sing about Jesus, to spread His word through her music, and to glorify His name. Each melody invites us on a righteous walk of faith, healing, and transformation.

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